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2004 Honda Civic Question: Head gasket

head gasket replacement costs -
Answer 1
Try the RepairPal Estimator. Click on "Get an Estimate" or go http://repairpal.com/estimator?car_type_id=4000 Select the Service Type: Head Gasket(s) Replacement -
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...in models can leak oil externally or allow coolant into the combustion chamber due to a faulty head gasket. The head gasket needs to be replaced to correct this problem.
...t to determine the problem. I brought the car in for inspection. They said it might be a blown head gasket and would not comment further. Please advise what should be done here. Tx.
Head gasket was replaced by a family member. But I still cant drive more than 2 trips or else my car will...
I have a 97 Civic that needs a head gasket replacement, and after attempting the job myself, I wanted to get a quote to see how much the...
...at. Finding no problem with the cooling system, the Honda dealer did an air test and said the head gasket was leaking. BUT recommended against replacing the head gasket because it would cause it to s...