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1990 Ford Ranger Question: head gasket

what is the cost to replace head gaskets -
Answer 1
Try the RepairPrice Estimator on RepairPal, follow this link; http://repairpal.com/estimator?car_type_id=170 Search for the Service "Head Gasket(s) Replacement" -
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...olve the problem so we took the truck to a real shop. They did a compression test and said the head gasket was warped and needed to be replaced, $1100 later and a new head gasket, its still over heatin...
My Ranger has an oil leak I cannot seem to trace. How can I determine if it is the head gasket or valve covers leaking?
what else should i change if i do fix the head gasket(s)
...hermostats, a radiator (which had to be repaired just over a year later, o-ring was loose), my head gaskets, and the timing area. I can't remember anything else, but as of Friday I am back at square on...
...and overheats. I just bought it and it is still under warrenty. The dealers mechanic says the head gasket is fine but that I need to replace the thermostat and fix a leak in the radiator. Will a produ...