head gasket on 2008 Chevrolet Impala

head gasket seaping anti freeze fluid. Is this a problem with a history ? Is it a alum head and should it be repaced or refaced before replacing gasket ? 58 K miles. Well cared for car.Under extended warrenty. 2th owner of car bought at 56K miles from dealer.

My recommendation is to follow the due process with your extended warranty. The repairs should be performed to the terms of this warranty with no issue.
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replace gaskets or use bars stop leak in raditor it will stop wont hirt engine under warrity carry dealer let them fix it
Need to know if this a history of that engine.?
And is 3500 V6 a alum head ?
Do they repace or reface the SOFT alum heads ofton ?
I need this car to run another 50K at least.
you should resurface the head before replaceing the head gasket. alum tends to warped if over heated