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2002 Mazda Tribute Question: head cover

my 2002 mazda has a stripped out spark plug terminal in the aluminum head .I was told either a heely coil or new head .Any suggestion of anywhere I could get a fair price in southern nj to remedy my issue theshop istalking a bundle but no warrent on the heely coil ..any suggestions -
Answer 1
I wish I had the part number of the helicoil kit we use at work, I have been very successful at putting in helicoils in spark plug tubes using the kit we have. Any time spark plugs are replaced it is important to use a dab of never seize on the thread of the plug to prevent it from seizing and also important to torque the plug correctly. If you reply tomorrow I will get a separate email sent to meat work from Repairpal and will forward the helicoil kit number to you. -
Answer 2
You need to find a differant shop. It does not cost a "BUNDLE". Hopefully Pat will get you the info. -
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thanks if you could find out the prices for me it would be appreciated will be checking back soon. -
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and today I changed plugs and noticed oil in the cavity where plugs are ?