head bolts torque spec. on 2000 Ford Explorer

I need to know torque specification on head blots thanks

by in Camdenton, MO on August 21, 2009
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ANSWER by on August 21, 2009
Both heads are tightened similarly. There are eight 12mm bolts that get torqued to 26 ft/lb starting with the bolt in the middle of the cylinder head inboard bolt then making an X tighten the bolt on the out side of the head diagonally across from the bolt you just tightened, next move inward to the bolt toward the enter of the cylinder head above the bolt you just tightened, next tighten the head bolt on the outward side of the head just down from the first bolt you tightened, the fifth bolt to tighten is the head bolt at the front of the engine inboard toward the center of the engine, sixth bolt to tighten is the bolt on the outward side of the engine below the fifth bolt you tightened, seventh bolt to tighten is the bolt at the rear of the head inward side and the final bolt is the rear of the head outward bolt. Install the two 8mm bolts at the front of the engine nearest timing chain, tighten to 24 ft/lb, tighten the 12mm bolts all a further 90 degrees and when complete tighten a further 90 degrees. Doing a head gasket repair is a big job, I would get a workshop manual in a local automotive parts store or see if a local library has one, or even Amazon.com may have one cheap.
COMMENT by on November 07, 2010
What Torx bit sizes are required for Cylinder head bolts to be removed for 2000 Explorer SOHC
COMMENT by on December 06, 2010
A torx bit. T55
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