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1995 Oldsmobile 98 Question: head

whare is a upper intake plenum -
Answer 1
On the very top of the engine. Why do you need to know about it? -
Comment 1
because i need a head gasket at lease that in what has been aid oil is leaking and can be seen in drive way -
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...but some of it leaks out onto the ground as I am pouring it in. Is it the intake manifolds or head gaskets that need to be replaced?
the heat does not come on and i seen a lil smoke from under the hood then it stopped and the muffler has white smoke coming what could all this be?
...t was greasy and felt kind of like oil, but smelled like gas. I do know that the car needs a head gasket replacement as there is oil in the coolant reservoir and I can see the little air bubble...
So I have had the car kinda checked out the heater core flushed out. One day I will have really good heat but when I shut the car off then turn it back on it doesn't work or gets colder. The blowe...