1993 Buick Regal Q&A

1993 Buick Regal Question: he found the problem

why my car was smoking the mechinic said I NEED A NEW COIL IN my cadilac converter was clogged so he fixed the coil now I would like to drive the car home in deal with the other promblem next week but I'm wonderning how far can I DRIVE to get my car home I dont live real close by it will take me about 12 min to get home will that overheat my car should I DRIVE SLOW? -
Answer 1
A clogged catalytic converter will not cause the car to overheat, unless you have other cooling system issues. -
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as you know my car was smoking so now the mechinic tell me I need a new coil in my cadilac converter is clog in that the smoke I SEE IS COMING FROM the engine so he fix the coil Now I'm wondering i...
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