Hazards and brake lights not working on 1991 Lincoln Town Car

I had to replace the brake switch behind the brake pad about 18 months ago. I just recently lost both brake lights and hazards together. Seems that there is a short somewhere because both hazard flasher fuse and brake wires connected to the brake switch burned out. Can my brake switch have gone bad again and is the hazard flasher in anyway connected to the brake switch. The flasher is brand new yet the hazard lights don't work. Everything else works fine: rear lights and blinkers.

Fuse 12 (15amp) in the fuse panel controls both the hazards and the brake lights. We need to determine if the fuse is blown and why. These brake light switches has been an issue. I suggest replacing the harness plug with the brake light switch both for a proper repair if this ends up being your concern. I must add one experience; once we chased this same concern for a bit before relizing that both brake light bulbs were blown.