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1999 Chevrolet Venture Question: hazard flashers

where is the hazard flasher relay located at? the book says to the left of the steering column its not there.... i have looked all over short of pulling the radio... i can hear my hazards ping but cant locate the flasher to replace it... does any one have a clue thxxxx -
Answer 1
The flasher is below the instrument panel, on the left side of the column. The picture looks to have it located on the bracket that the column is attached to. Looks to be attached toward the top of the bracket. Dale -
Comment 1
instrument panel? i know that sounds dumb but lol -
Comment 2
cluster would have been a better word... instrument cluster. -
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if I can't find it how much to brig it to you lolll -
Comment 4
You should have the problem diagnosed prior to replacing the relay. The flasher only has 3 wires going to it , so it shouldn't take long to prove it good or bad. -