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1999 GMC Jimmy Question: Haynes shows no Secondary Air Injection System on my vehicle for P0410 Code

I have a P0410 code , but , Haynes manual shows I have no secondary air injection system . I can't use your normal answer because I don't have a secondary according to my Haynes manual . Now what do i do ? -
Answer 1
the haynes manual is not always right. look under the front either on the drivers side or passenger side for the air pump. If there is a code, then there is seconday air injection. Roy -
Comment 1
i have the same problem p0410 i put alot new parts for nathing all i need is a 02 sensor the one on front of cat pasanger side easy fix keyrogato -
Answer 2
I have a 2001 Jetta with a 2.0 engine AEG code and there is NO secondary air filter either, there never was, no empty holes, or by-passed hoses. I have a fault on my ECM and it won't pass inspection B\C of this ... what do I do now??? -