having problems taking rotors off on 1999 Mercury Tracer

Went to rplace brake pads and noticed rotors are bad but am having a hard tome getting them off. My repair manual i got don't even showw removal help anyone!!

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Many times the rotors are hard to remove because they are rusted to the hub. Hit the rotor with a hammer to break it free. Be careful not to hit any wheel studs, just hit the rotor, hard!
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To remove the front brake rotors on your 1999 Mercury Tracer you can try the following: With all the brake hardware out of the way the rotor should just slide off the hub. Rust and debris may be holding the rotor on. You can try striking the rotor sharply with a hammer on the flat surface between the wheel studs in order to break it loose.
If your Tracer is equipped with rear disk brakes and you are trying to remove the rear rotors the two retaining screws must be removed. You can use an impact screwdriver if necessary to remove the retaining screws.
Check the rotor hub for two threaded holes. by inserting the corresponding bolts into these threaded holes and sequentially tightening the bolts, they act as mini jacks to help pop the rotor free. Depending on the amount of rust/debris present, this method may not always work. Good luck.