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2002 Jeep Wrangler Question: Having problem w/ instrument panel does not work?

My problem is the instrument panel on my 2002 jeep wrangler, it does not work sometimes(nothing) then I tried disconnecting the battery terminals then reinstalling them, all is fine till the next time I drive. Please help.. -
Answer 1
I have a 98 that would do the same especially when I'd hit a bump would loose all instruments.I like you tried everything and finally decided to check the plugs on the instrament panel which the design is lacking but if you remove the panels at your knee area reach your hand to the plugs,2 i think, and make sure they are secured. when i did this one of the plugs was loose and actually clicked/snapped into locking position. no problems after that. hope your's is as simple cause i spent hours/days tracing wires. -
Comment 1
I have a 98 with the same problem wow.....I did follow your direccion and they work!!! I hope the stay working and not only for a day or two. However i know where to go -
Answer 2
The instruments are not workimg ,however they work on and off -