Having computer issues - misfiring, rough idle, then it stops and all is fine. on 2011 Dodge Grand Caravan

A recall was issued to deal with the PCM software, which I had updated. Fine for a couple of weeks, then same thing. At the time, OBDII codes issued were P0172 and P0175, fuel banks 1 and 2 running too rich (respectively.)

When it doesn't "self correct" after a few miles, I pull over, turn off the engine, wait 30 seconds and restart. Usually (95%) works fine after this, from 2 days to 6 weeks. Van was perfect up until 60,000 miles, I now have 70,000. Anyone have a cure for that?
Thanks for your help.

should still be under factory warranty return to dealer
Thanks, but I'm in Vancouver BC. Chrysler Canada only covers for 100,000km (60,000miles) as opposed to 100,000 miles in the US, so I'm out of luck there!
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