Have you heard of the AC cowling melting because of a bad fuse? on 2004 Honda Civic Hybrid

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Less than a year ago, I had to replace my air conditioning on my 2004 Civic Hybrid. This week, the AC quit working - meaning would not cool. I took it to the nearest Honda dealership and the service rep said that a fuse had blown and caused the air conditioner to overheat and that melted the cowling (sp?) and that's why the AC isn't working. I asked if it wasn't replaced when my AC was fixed (by the same Honda dealer)? He said that only the compressor and some other things were replaced - not the cowling. Does anyone know if this is possible or is this a scam?
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This is hard to say, don;t have any info about it. Did you see the melted parts? Have the service writer show you the damage, maybe the replacement compressor was defective and melted the circuit before the fuse could blow and protect the car from damage. I would call Honda customer service and ask, because this sounds pretty ominous, not a very good reliability result for this car!!