Have spent 5G in 8 mo. Disappointed since it had only 44,000 mi. Cut my losses? on 2003 Mercedes-Benz SL500

Wondering if I should buy an extended warranty at this point or look for another car. The steering pump replacement and few other items like ball joint and battery are the only replacement items. The rest were " maintenance jobs".

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Find a trustworthy independent repair shop that are knowledgeable with Mercedes, bring them in all your service records, ask them to inspect the car and prioritize repairs and maintenance necessary and due in the future. Look on Craigslist and and see what the value of your car is and decide then if this is a car you like and want to keep or if it makes more sense to buy another car.
this is not uncommon for these cars as i have stated b4 the are really good for the 1st 40k miles then BANG they self destruct and get very pricey when it comes to repairs. cut your loses and sell.
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many people think if they drive their car slower it would be better and safer, the 500 SL is the opposite, if you want the car to look after you, then you should ride it to its potential which is fast and hard, then all car parts perform better and do not give you hassle or you would not need to spend on it, it spends on you. cars are not for the show off, they are for driving to reach there potential.