Have had the same throttle control "limp home" problem cited by many 2003/2004 on 2004 Ford Thunderbird

Throttle decel and restriction occurs when check engine light (open ended wrench) comes on, during "jam" acceleration. First time #5 coil replaced under warranty. OK for a while. Next failure (same symptoms) problem was traced (by computer diagnostics) to throttle control housing assembly (replaced for $1,000 parts & labor). Problem STILL exists, randomly, but resets when engine ignition turned off. Replace ALL coils???

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Are any codes present? IF so post the codes and we will try to help!!
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scan for codes and post so we can adv
run your VIN# to see if any recalls to related failure.
throttle may need to be cleaned.
review when last tuned. rec. premium type spark plugs(e3) as replacement. if you have to replace coils then rec. performance grade. accel supercoils are good and are more cost effective than OEM replacement.
rec. upgrade from conventional air filter to high air flow design(K&N).
rec. fuel system clean. ethanol treatment to 1 tank of premium. ethanol blend in fuel causes build up in fuel system, combustion chambers, exhaust and causes increased wear to spark plugs. it may cause your sensors to trip.
rec. oil stabilizer treatment with next oil change. this will recondition seals and cylinders(improve compression).
Thanks for weighing in...I've started a file/folder containing your suggestions and those of others. Will pass on to Rokstad Ford in Ponderay Idaho tomorrow, and will advise when/how the problem has been solved. Have been using Regular grade gas...performance ok (no knocking)..should I run premium 24/7 or just occasionally with the anti-ethanol treatment. Am planning on replacing spark plugs (with premium type per your suggestion). Are the performance grade supercoils the same as those replacements under Ford's extended warranty program?
Thanks again for your inputs...FYI, I do not have the codes that were indicative of these problems. They do not seem to be resident in the ECM(?) readouts. Thanks again, Tom Humphreys
ford uses the accel super coils in the newer mustangs so i would not think it would be an issue. fuel additive treatment will take drive time to show so just drive as you normally would. good luck.
Ford dealer had my 04 with 7,000 miles on it for 3 months and never fixed it. Land rover tech replaced 40 dollar cam phaser(variable timing) and have not had any problems for 50,000 miles. If coils are original do yourself a favor and replace all with Motorcraft coils.