Have fuel prob. No power to relay coil fuel pump relay? Diagram needed bad!!! on 1999 Chevrolet 2500 Pickup

The relay checks out the fuel pump new one my kid changed thinking that was problem. The relay also new it will make but there's no power to it in fuse block. We wired around the burnt fuse block to hang a relay outside of it where it could have good connections without loose wired fuse block being a problem. The power to the relay is problem but I haven't got any kind of diagram or can't find one for 1999 Chevy c2500 pickup bought a Manuel cheap thing has nothing in it for this truck. It's really dumb but I didn't want to chase out a wiring harness all the way anybody have a clue where I can get one? Diagram that's good correct maybe?

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Did you check ALL fuses also? There is a fuse for this circuit!!
Yeah sure did was surprised to find it good actually. This ones fun for sure plus its one of those where you get it after the fact. The pumps been changed relay been changed but not a single stitch of troubleshooting the problem first I think. Lol was my son and he's a parts changer without a clue how to check any of it out really just guess and hope you hit the problem. I think mostly fuel pump or relay would probably be a good guess. It's not this time fuse relay pump all brand new I'm guessing without seeing a diagram the power comes from computer or from the ignition switch. Be nice to see a diagram free one be better than laying for something I won't ever use again. If I must I will just start chasing it out until I find it.
You know there is power to the relay only for a few seconds when key is turned on right?
Then when key is turned to start, or cycled off and then on again. I have fixed as many of these as anyone, NEVER had that problem. Guess i have been lucky!
Seems like new territory really I've not seen this before either. It's really strange could be the switch someone installed a kill switch and relay for a half ass alarm. Lol it's really making zero sense at all but I guess I will figure it out lol. Worked in about everything at one time it another I'm a mechanical engineer retired. The electrical parts also easy and I actually worked for a living with much practical exsperience I will get it just thought someone might know a secret I didn't I guess its just follow it out and fix it time now lol. Will let you know what I find.
Thanks, i would like to know what you find!
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try for wiring pics
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