2002 Chrysler Sebring Q&A

2002 Chrysler Sebring Question: have an 02 sebring coupe 3.0l just started bad engine knock

sound like it could be a collapsed lifter maybe ? car has 150,000 km . Or is there something else i should check ? -
Answer 1
The problem with engine noise here is we cant hear it! Your best bet is to have a mechanic listen to it! Most likely an experenced mechanic can tell right off what it is,, or have a good idea,, as most engine noises have their own unique sound that he/she is familiar with. -
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I realize you cant hear it . I guess what im asking is there any ( common ) problems with the three liter that would make the tick . Is there other three liters you know of that have ever had a collased lifter ? im an old mechanic myself . problem being i dont know neww cars ! technology has shot past me . I personaly think it IS a lifter problem .Sounds like it anyway . curios ? thanks . I have to pull it apart to fix it regardless. -
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Could very well be a lifter! Is it bad enough to be skipping or engine misfire? One more thing, is it the 3.0 24 valve engine? -
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theres no skipping or missfire at all ,thats what makes me curios? . it is a 24 valve . ive been looking around and the 2.7 L seems to be a common rod bearing problem . Car has 154,000miles . im wondering ,since im gonna pull it apart anyway i may as well change the rod bearings anyway . can this be done under the car , or does motor need to be pulled ? thanks for your help . -