2002 Mazda Millenia Q&A

2002 Mazda Millenia Question: have an 02, check engine light is on, gas mileage is kind of bad.

can the check engine light effect thegas mileage -
Answer 1
If an oxygen sensor is reading incorrectly it can dramatically affect gas mileage. Oxygen sensor test the engine's computer is left unburned in the exhaust and trims fuel mixture accordingly. -
Answer 2
hi dear friend, I think you must read out the code first. I hope this information can help you. -
Answer 3
I don't know about the bad gas mileage but make sure your gas cap is in good condition and never take it off unless you intend to fill the tank. -
Answer 4
No, check engine light has nothing to do with gas milage. My first car was an '02, I recieved it with the check engine light on, and gave it up the same way. That car in general does not have good gas mileage. -