Have a oil leak on my 2006 Linclon Town Car. on 2006 Lincoln Town Car

My 2006 Linclon Town Car L-series has a oil leak which seems to be almost intermittant. Sometimes little oil and other times lots of oil. Any ideas on what it might be? Had it up on a rack and it did not appear to be coming from rear main seal.

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The cylinder head gakskets can leak a little or a lot - depending on the situation. What happens is the leaks will go into the center valley of the engine and build up. Then eventually they will spill over the back side, seeming like a rear main seal leak, but actually come from above.

Head gasket leaks are not necessarily common on this car, but are common indeed on engines in the same family.

Obviously, try to determine what general area the leak is coming from, and then you may want to use an engine oil dye to narrow down the exact source.
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Check the oil filter adapter where it bolts to the block I see all the the top gasket companies carry this gasket, So it must be a common problem.