2001 Saturn L300 Q&A

2001 Saturn L300 Question: have a cracked block, how do I repair it

Car has not been driven lately, forgot to add antifreeze, henceforth a busted block, freeze plugs etc, replaced freeze plugs, all is fine but how do I repair the block, is there an easy answer?? -
Answer 1
You need one of the following, engine block, short block or a complete engine. Never had any luck with repairing late model engine blocks that have froze and busted. Years ago, maybe! -
Comment 1
Thanks for the answer, I'm in Okla. and there are apparently few Saturn's available here. Where would I buy a block, and how do I know if its short block, or engine block? No book with it. -
Comment 2
You can look for an engine on ebay. -