Have '99 Toyota 4-Runner with 191,000 miles Been good and reliable but . . . ? on 1999 Toyota 4Runner

Need to change timing belt & h2o pump, do brakes, and change plugs. +/- $2,000. Would it be better to fix it, or trade it for a similar 2001-2004 4-Runner with 140,000 to 150,000 miles and spend the $2,000 on the next car?

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Hard to say. Had one in the shop that had 586,600 miles on it without very much repair work or regular maintenance! So it's really 'your' call. Maybe get another repair/shop estimate.
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That seems pretty expensive for that amount of work. The timing belt and pump should only cost around $700. Breaks and plugs should not cost 1300. Have you had any issues with your 4Runner?