2002 Chevrolet S10 Q&A

2002 Chevrolet S10 Question: have 59 lbs fuel press.spark,tps test fine have proper voltage to fuel injectors

truck will not start,tried starting fluid,i no was last resort,got this truck after so called techs replaced fuel pump.filter,had plug wires crossed,exhaust unhooked? any ideas -
Answer 1
Did you use a noid light to check injector pulse from the computer? Do you have spark at the plugs? Does the PCM communicate with a scanner. -
Comment 1
have spark,injectors test good,did not test with scanner....fishing for known problems truck came to me with many hands in cookie jar price was right 70k on the clock truck is in above average shape basic truck 4x4 auto air,cruise vinyl guts.....ty shawn -
Comment 2
Did you use a noid light to verify the computer is triggering the injectors? You need to view data stream with a scanner, not a code reader. -