Have 2001 Land Rover Discovery that won't start. Has new fuel pump, water pump, on 2001 Land Rover Discovery

hoses, alternator and battery. It's like it is flooded when you try to start it. What might be causing this? Please advise...

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tow it to the dealer and get fixed instead of guessing,save time and money
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check for spark and for codes
Keep will get it right...eventually...try new injectors, then air flow sensor, then a brake master cylinder...
do you have spark?
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try this, spray starter fluid in air intake, if it fires briefly you're getting spark. If your truck turns over but will not fire up, then it's most likely your Crank Position Sensor. ~US$60 at autozone (it's a rebranded BOSCH part) and relatively easy to install. Google "land rover crankshaft position sensor" there is a utube vid that shows u what to do. I did it without dropping the exhaust.