Have 2001 GMC sierra with 5.3 engine and it was made canada. I have checked and on 2001 GMC Sierra 1500

only found 2 O2 sensors on exhaust. replaced both and still getting p0140 error code? Does canadian trucks only have 2 sensors?

by in Vacaville, CA on March 18, 2012
3 answers
ANSWER by on March 19, 2012
You'll have 4 sensors total. 2 before (upstream) the catalytic converters and 2 after (downstream.) Another site said it was the MAF...Do some more homework.
ANSWER by on March 19, 2012
This code sounds like it's indicating the second sensor on bank one.
ANSWER by on April 08, 2012
apparently someone has emptied out your catylic converters. That's why you can't clear the code.

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