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2002 GMC Sonoma Question: Hate Truck

Front Brake Pads are bad after 17,000 miles. -
Answer 1
you noly have 17k miles on a 02 gmc or the pads only lasted 17k miles. you may have a cailper issue or pressure to caliper. seek a diag and est as this is not right.when pads were repl were rotors turned or did you just put new pads in on unturned rotors -
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The front brakes were fixed 3 years ago. September 2009. They were warranted and I got new ones for free but the labor was still $180. They insisted on repacking the bearings even though they had done them 3 years ago. -
Comment 2
they were right in repacking the bearings but to charge you 180.00 is a rip off -
Comment 3
They did have the car for 2 hours. They resurfaced rotors, repacked bearings, cleaned hardware and slides. My frustration is that they warrant the pads but big deal. I saved $80 to have the brakes done again 3 years later. Do other Sonoma owners have a similar problem with front brakes wearing out prematurely? -
Answer 2
I agree with greg but sometimes its the way you drive that wears out the pads -
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Front Pads need replacing again. Yes, the pads are under warranty but this time only 10,000 have gone by. (Replaced at 57,000 and the truck now has 68,000). Looking at a $308.00 repair bill because the rotors are too thin to be turned.) I have the feeling that I really need to give up owning a car but have yet to find something else.. -
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