Has there been a recall on hub assemblies for 2004 Avalanche? on 2004 Chevrolet Avalanche 1500

I took truck in for squishy brakes and the abs coming on when I try to stop at stop signs. was told the hub was bad causing the abs to activate and I heard from a friend that there had been a recall on it but haven't found any information saying there was a recall

No. There is no recall on them. I work for a Chevy dealer and I drive a 2007 Avalanche. I have put 3 new hubs on mine (2 rights and one left) because I drive it pretty hard and the hubs just go out. It sucks, but it is really really common. I haven't seen any on 2011 and up trucks (yet!), but I am sure I will. Sorry for the disheartening news. Unfortunately, the ABS is always affected because the wheel speed sensors are part of the hub.
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i don't believe so but call the dealer with your vin# and they will adv.most likely not on an o4