has the back tail gate handle broke with anyone else? on 2007 Ford Freestar

Went to open my tailgate and the handle came off in my hand

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same thing happened to my vehicle, any ideas on how much to replace it
It is very easy to fix yourself or you can pay Around $350 for ford to do it. There are alot of links on this sight. In the 2x2" hole in the middle of the back door panel there is a wire or fish-line type line pull it up and the door will open. Then take the panel off the door so you can reach the bar easier. once you slide the bar back across the handle put tape on the end of the handle or it will happen again. I fix it the first time put didn't put tape on it and it happened again. When I try to open it I broke the wire. So be careful.Hope this helps.
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You have to remove the paneling inside the rear hatch and reattach the handle, there is a slide that locks into the handle itself.