has on powe on on 2004 Volvo S80

my 2004 Volvo S80 started to loose power when you come to complete stop. The car will hardly move. you have to press the gas pedal very slowly until the car gain speed.l took it to the dealer told me it needed a catalytic converter and a flame box cost $3000.00 Had that done still has the same problem. Now they say the Electronic Throttle Body is defective cost $1100 dollars to repair. has any one else had the problem with this car? if so what was the fix.

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Is you check engine light on? If not then it probably is not a throttle body because the PCM should be able to determine if the throttle body is acting up. If the light is on then i would suggest following the direction the code sends you. We can diagnose it for you if you do not get the answers you want from the dealer. You can call us and make an appointment at 770-945-1399.