Has anyone really found the problem for the suspension? on 2004 Mercedes-Benz E500

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Or dose everyone just let MBZ replace all of the parts? I have an issure with the right rear, sometimes. It saggs after a few day, but not everytime maybe 30% of the tiem. I'm a pneumatic specialist and see problems like this in manufacturing and packaging fairly often. If and when I do, I fix or replace the part that has the problem. Not every part that is conneted to the system, that would be moronic & expensive. Aynway, I would love to get aq scematic so I could track the issue. If I had to guess i would say there is a leak in the cylinder but with the intermittant problem I think it could be something like a check valve also. Any help would be great.
(2) Answers
I was shown an area on the side of a strut or pump I am not sure but it was a hole that wore in the rubber. In fact I guess this was the air bag. The rubber is creased and becomes weak and then a small obstruction like a pot hole causes the pressure to rupture the unit.
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