Has anyone lost their heat in this vehicle and fixed by resetting codes? on 2008 Mercury Grand Marquis

Here is the process I used that worked for another person on this site but doesn't appear to be working for me:
Press at the SAME TIME, "OFF" & "FLOOR" , then
The Display will turn a digital circle for awhile until it will stop on it's own to display any Error Codes. In my case it displayed a steadt "024". That means "Door Actuator". In fact while it is diagnosing you can hear it trying to Reset the door by a repetitive clicking sound.
After doing this self-diagnose/Resaet sequence three(3) times, WARM air finally started coming out the heater vent. (It was late night & freezing at the time.)

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the blend door actuator is either bad or the blend door is broken. very common on fords. the clicking was it skipping teeth. it should reset with no noise