2004 Ford Thunderbird Q&A

2004 Ford Thunderbird Question: Has anyone had to replace the entire engine?

engine misfire , rough running condition cold start a rattle noise been in shop for three weeks cost me $2,000.00 for a diagnose still can't find where the noise is coming from. coil on plug ignition system has been replaced twice will cost me $7,100.00 to replace the engine. This 2004 ford thunderbird has only 39,000 thousand miles on it. Does anyone have a answer, am trying to get ford to help with the bill. What can I do? -
Answer 1
car way to old for any warranty. you need to go somewhere else for your diag. 2ooo and no answer???? you need a refund due to a bad tech. at our shop, the motor replacement is around 4ooo with a 3 yr 5oooo mile warranty. get your car out of there and to somewhere where they know what they are doing. Roy -
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Thanks this helped me out alot!!!Tpa -
Answer 2
Only in a bad shop. Have them run computer codes, one or more of your ign coils is defective or you have a broken spark plug. Are you hearing a pulsating noise while the engine is running? -
Answer 3
Make sure they check your variable timing, cam phaser out will cause all kinds of other codes and confuse bad Techs -