has anyone had their engine replaced due to bad castings allowing air to get in on 2009 Pontiac Solstice GXP

the coolant system. gm says they have to replace my engine because they cant get air out of coolant system. i'm wondering if anyone else has had this problem

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This problem happens OFTEN...but bad castings are NOT the problem! What really happened is it got too hot and blew the head gasket and/or cracked the head (only slightly enough that it isn't noticable) and after "repairing the water pump" the problem suddenly appears. You CANNOT get all of the air out of the system because the engine is continuously pumping air into the cooling system through the blown gasket or crack in the head! Think about it!
And suppose you DID have a bad casting? What do you think will happen when you drive it? The cooling system would get hot and build up pressure and guess what? IT WILL LEAK OUT! It won't suck in air!
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never heard of that in my a 2nd opinion
this is what a gm dealer in tucson has told me. they are ordering a new engine. i think they just cant figure out where the air is coming from. they have been bleeding it off and on for a week now. the problem started after they replaced the water pump, anyway it is all covered under extended warranty.
sounds to me like they caused the problem and should take care of the results. did the car over heat on your b4 the water pump was repl.if so im thnking poss exh gases from cyl's is entering cooling system from managed head gaskets. did they do a cooling system chemical test to determine if exhaust gases are entering cooling system
Have them replace the defective water pump that they just put on. Defective impellor seals (rarely but it happens) will allow air to be 'sucked' in the system while still preventing external (pressure) leaks. Had one on a VW about 10 years ago, very nerve racking.
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