Has anybody else had interment starting problems? on 2005 Chevrolet Trailblazer

Sometimes it will start and when I turn it off, won't start again. Or some days will start fine and other days won't start at all. I have had numerous mechanics replace many parts and scratch their heads, because no one can figure out why it's doing this. Also had computer diagnostics done. Still does it. What to do now?

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Wont crank, like a dead battery, or wont start, fire up and run?
It cranks like trying to start. Have had fuel pump replaced and ignition switch. Numerous mechanics and garages have had it for months now, nobody can figure it out.
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Adding to answer1, Security lamp coming on? Look for it. You may need a tech that knows how to work on the anti-theft system that doesn't have a itchy head :D Has there been a remote starter instated?
Where is security lamp? Thanks.