Harsh or Delayed Shifting of Automatic Transmission on Ford Five Hundred

The automatic transmission may develop shifting concerns. On lower mileage vehicles, upgrading the software in the powertrain control module (PCM) and the transmission control module (TCM) may correct the problem. As the mileage increases, internal transmission damage can occur. Repairs could involve replacement of the valve body or a complete transmission rebuild. Whenever major transmission repairs are made, it is important to be sure the PCM and the TCM have the latest software updates to help prevent these issues from reoccurring.

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Average mileage: 106,935 (120–204,000)
Drive Trains affected: AWD, FWD
3 model years affected: 2005, 2006, 2007
162 people reported this problem
118 people shared problem details
I think we all look into a class action lawsuit of some kind - Too many people have the same problem. It's a miracle, that I didn't get into an accident when my car stopped working!
I am also experencing the same issues with my transmission. I am so upset, this should not be an issue with so little miles on a car. I have contacted Ford and suggested they recall this issue. I suggest everyone with a Ford 500 contact Ford and request a recall on this transmission.
harsh and delayed shifting. Lundges forward when in drive at stop even with foot on brake, same in reverse. very dangerous...ford plz recall this transmission problem (defect) before someone is injured
car shifts fine for first 20-30 minutes then starts to shift hard up and down... seems to get worse as car gets warmer... sometimes shifts into neutral and have to wait for it to reconnect...the best one is if jumping on it I get a loud chirp shifting into second...no its not funny
clunking during down shift, and tranmission "catching" when accelerating around a sharp corner.
I'm having the same problem with rough shifting and jerking. I also was told I could replace thevalve body or a complete transmission rebuild. Not sure which to do.
I Bought a 2005 Ford 500 about 6 months ago. 2 weeks ago it was if it would not shift, it reved to almost 3grand at about 20mph. The engine and wrench light came on. After shutting the car off a few times it ceased, however I knew something was wrong and was hoping it was related to a recall having to do with trottle body deposits. I prepared for the worst, figuring on a trans rebuild. They called and explained it was a problem w/ the trans and it would cost 7 grand to fix, and 3 months. After asking some obvious questions (like, what the heck do you mean 7 grand!?) they told me that in this year and model they used a CVT transmission. I was absolutely livid. Faced with the choice of driving it till it died, which could have been a day, week or year, I opted to take what I could get for it and get a new car.
car shutters when brakes applies and down shifting from 35-20 mph at red lights.
My car gets very scarry. At this point it may jump and go out of gear all together. Then it will jump back in to gear. This is really bad on the interstate. I will be passing and the car will jump when I first give extra gas, it will jump out of gear and I will roll, then eventually go back into gear. What is up with this. Nothing will show up on the machine from the Ford's Dealer nor on anyone elses machine to check and see what is wrong. The Ford Dealer is guessing it is the Body Valve of the transmission. Estimating 1900.00 to fix it. This is crazy!
I am having the same problem with my ford five hundred. hard thump shift while driving and at time when stopped and starting to go again it takes it a bit to get going... This should be a recall
I've had the same thing. Hard shifting, tranny would get stuck in a gear, etc.. I put Lucas Transmission Fix Stop Slips in and in about two weeks after running the car it cleared up. I haven't had a problem in 15,000 miles now. Just FYI. Hope this helps.
when I was going at speed and letting off the gas and getting ready to brake it would shift down hard then when I hit the brake the tires would actually skip. I took it in to AAMCO for a transmission flush and the problem became worse driving it home. I have not had it looked at any more and it seems to do it when the car is completely warmed up. Any suggestions on what to do now? I live in a small area and the shops for this are not readily available
I am having the same problem, after replacing the transmission with one that had 41,000 on it at the dealership. The original had 92,000plus miles on the first transmission it would shutter when stopping. This one jerks and looses the gear going into 2nd and 3rd it gets worse as the cars warms and it even more so going up inclines and hills. Don't waste your money replacing the Valve-body or transmission. The ford mechanics no this is an issue, I believe they have been instructed to remain mute about the problem for fear of a class-action lawsuit which Fords deserves for abandoning it's customer base and undermining our resale values.
2007 Ford Five Hundred- AWD67,000
I have a 2007 Ford 500. I am having the same problem as a lot of other owners. The wrench and engine light comes on and the transmission seems to go into neutral. I was very close to being involved in accidents due to this problem. I took the vehicle to a Ford dealer and the mechanic stated that it was the CVT transmission. He stated that the problem was normal for "that type of transmission", and it would cost approximately $6,000 to have it replaced. I opted to have AAMCO rebuilt the transmission and I have paid approximately $3,000 dollars out of pocket expenses not covered by warranty to have the transmission rebuilt. The problem with the CVT transmission is still present. I have had the car in and out of the shop for approximately 5 months because they can not fix the problem. I am 64 years old and I like father before me have always bought Ford products, Ford should back their product and issue a recall for the vehicles that are equipped with this faulty CVT transmission.
Hard shifting down into second gear when coming to a stop, or when shifting from sixth to fifth while accelerating. I have the 6-speed transmission not CVT.
I have been having problems with a harsh delay on shifting for the last 2 years. I've taken the can to the FORD Dealership and they told me on multiple occasaions that they are not sure what the problem could be. After reading the infomation on this site I will be contacting Ford also to suggest a recall.
Transmission shifts extra hard and sometimes acts like the car is in neutral. I've owned this car since new and have had all maintenance done at The frederick motor co which is where I purchased the car and ford will not fix it unless I pay for a new valve body and a computer upgrade.I will never purchase another ford and it's wonder people are buying imports.
My car slips in and out of gear, at any speed. sometimes it will catch and make a loud thud as the transmission engages again.
The transmission is not smooth and will jerk and make a "thunk" sound as it changes gears. Once it slipped into neutral as we were on the interstate doing 70 mph. It has not been repaired yet. We are considering whether to repair it or get a new car.
I have had the 2006 Ford Five Hundred SEL for 10 days when the transmission slipped while acceleration from 20-30 mph. It has done this 5 times so far, and I've only had the car for less then 3 weeks. The dealership (super small) won't do anything to fix the problem, and neither will Ford. All Ford will say is there are no open recalls on this vehicle. I have no way to buy another vehicle, and no way to pay for a new transmission if this one fails completely. I'm literally praying over this car every time I get in it, or even just think about it. At this point, God is my mechanic as I can't afford anyone else.
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