harmonic balancer bolt will not remove does it clock wise or counter clock wise on 1996 Honda Accord

tell me which way does it losen

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It turns counter clockwise to open. There is a special tool that attaches to a breaker bar to hold the pulley while you crack open the crank pulley bolt. I have seen the tool on line for about $50 to $60.
could you tell me the right timing position and location of the marks on the harmonic balancer, theirs 4 notches and 3 of them is close together and 1 is separate, thank you for your help.
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I put the socket on the strongarm then put on the bolt , place against frame and bump the starter.. works everytime .
can you tell me what the strongarm is, and the timing position on the harmonic balancer thank you for your help.
definetly counterclockwise, good luck