hard top release on 1994 Mercedes-Benz SL500

I need to replace the cluster in my 1991 sl500 and now I can't release the hard top, it makes a click and then nothing happens could this have something to do with the cluster?

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Hi, was there a relation between the cluster and the hard top issue? If not, what was causing the hard top to not release?
i find it very funny the customer is asking why his top wont pop off and that he did have to replace the cluster due to a malfuntion i guess......and the mechanic "master" answeres ...why doesnt the top come off....and if there both related?? litteraly asked the customer the same exact question he asked you!!! find this halarious............also....yes they are related together, heres where:

pin 35 on y connecter for n52 power soft top module receives an input from 1.speedometer(pin 9 A1 connecter)
2. front left vss(abs sensor) connected to other modules but not yes if you are having a problem with your cluster(speedometer) then it is possible that with a code 28(no speedometer signal) from power soft top module present, then it will be very likley that the cluster is the culprit!