hard to start, mostly after over night in garage ? on 1997 Lincoln Town Car

Can the fuel pump cause this ?
I was told that the fuel pump check valve in the pump has to be replaced. Can I access the fuel pump by looking for a access panel in my trunk ?

Ken Claypool

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Ken, to add to Zee, I have seen sticking relays several times on this model as well. The fuel pump relay is in the relay box near the battery. Fairly cheap ($10 or less) for a new relay. This would be if it cranks and cranks with no start, and then suddenly starts at some point. Even slamming the hood could make it work if this is the failure. Good luck.
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This condition could be for different reasons, better to do a diagnostic.
To answer your question:
The fuel pump's check valve is integrated into the fuel pump. You need to replace the entire pump if the check valve is bad.
This easily could be tested with a fuel pressure test gauge. Most repair shop can do this test for you, so you don't need to replace the pump unnecessarily.