Ford Ranger Problem Report

Ford Ranger Hard to Start Cold, Stalling at Idle

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If you experience cold starting problems, stalling at idle, or hesitations during acceleration, it may be the idle air bypass valve. This valve helps the vehicle idle steadily and run when the accelerator pedal is not pressed.

Truck runs fine when warm, but has trouble starting when cold and holding an idle. Anything above 3000 RPMs and it stalls outright. Other random times during idle it will mysteriously sputter and cough, then die. Already spent $100 replacing distributor cap, coil, rotor, plugs, and wires (everything except spark plugs, because I was lacking the correct tool). After doing work, Ranger ran fine (because it was already warm). Next day went out to start it up and go to work, but it barely made it a block down the street, died, and wouldn't start back up. -
doesn't like the cold weather. idles very low and won't stay started. when it warms up, it's fine -
Truck hard to start when cold. Replaced aic valve mass air flow sensor and battery. Truck still stalls and lacks power. -
Engine begins to rough idle while stationary, at a light etc., but If the gas pedal is given a quick tap it will smooth out and continue to run, otherwise it will stall. Restart has not been a problem so far and the number of occasions has been minimal. Has not been in for repair yet. -
Occasional high idle at startup turned into stalling at idle. It starts right back up but if it falls below 2K rpm, it sputters and stops. -
Hard start rough idle and dies at stop light intermittent -
92 Ford Ranger stalls if I let it idle for even a minute. If I come to a stop, the truck may stall or backfire when I hit the gas and it may not get any acceleration. The truck runs fine in the higher rpms or on the highway. I'm forced to rev the engine at stops to keep the truck from stalling. The problem has been getting progressively worse -
Stalling in cold -
Won't start when the weather is cold. Turns over and gets gas but won't start. Later in day when it warms up it will start. -
Will not idle when cold. After warming up for 2 minutes...all is well. Replaced the ECT sensor and sender both....cured the problem for all of a day. -
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