hard to start on 1997 Ford Explorer

1997 ford explorer 4.0l s.o.h.c hard to start time to time i can go out and starts just fine then turn it off and 10mins later try to start it again and it will not start then about 45mins later it starts right up and runs great any help would be great thanks

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is it a cranks no start concern,or are you having a concern with a normal crank speed but no start?we have had concerns with everything from batteries,ground cable at block loose to fuel pumps dropping pressure.
where is the ground cable at on the block but battery fuel pump is good
it is on the left front part of the engine,you will have to get under the vehicle to see where it attaches.
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I have a 97 explorer sport with 212000 miles and I had the same problem, clean throttle body with throttle body cleaner (do not use carb cleaner)