Hard starting Diesel on 1999 Volkswagen Jetta TDI

Seems to start hard for the first time of the ay. It turns over and over for a bit before starting. Longer than it should. The rest of the day its OK. 170,000 miles.

Is the fuel filter clean. Mine 2002 Volks Jetta Tdi did the same thing, but I found out the fuel filter was horrible! Replaced it and it starts right up. Just a suggestion. Sometimes it's the simplest things.
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Hello, were you able to find a solution to this problem? Was it the glow plugs?
got an 03 tdi...solution to hard ,cold 1st start....i put a 250 watt oil pan heater on ...let it soak overnight ....starts like new everytime! 330k on it now ....use heater blow 40f....easy on starter too...p.s. keep fuel cannister clean too!....