hard starting and eratic idle and stall on 2001 Jeep Cherokee

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I CAN START jeep if I crack throttle just a little. TPS was replaced and condition is still the same. No trouble codes show up on scanner
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A common problem with Jeeps are dirty throttle bodies. The throttle bore and throttle blade get covered with oily carbon buildup and need to be inspected/cleaned every 15k, or so, miles. Spray some throttle body cleaner on a towel and start scrubbing if the inside of the throttle bore is black. You'll need to clean the edges of the throttle blade (butterfly) as well. As the carbon builds up, it closes off the opening lowering your idle speed. Do NOT spray directly on the throttle body because you can potentially damage sensors on it. Hope this helps!

You don't see any black smoke from the exhaust when you start do you?