hard starting on 2002 Ford Explorer

The car starts well when first turned on in the day. After it warms up, it takes four or five seconds longer holding the starter, what is wrong?

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I would recommend a good fuel pressure test - including checking for bleed down (meaning the fuel pressure may peak, but won't stay steady). Checking fuel volume is helpful too. You could have other issues with the powertrain control - yes - but I would start there.
Hi Dave, it ends up that the fuel pressure was the correct answer to my hard starting. However, when I heard the price to repair it with a new fuel sending unit of some 1100 dollars I questioned if this is the same kind that sits in the tank and the tank has to be taken out. Since the car still starts, I figured I could get the other problems solved and not necessarily this one.
$1,100 sounds a little high, to be sure.

A fuel sending unit and pump assembly from Ford costs probably $350 or less. Labor to drop the tank and replace the assembly should be probably...$400. This should total south of $800. Still a bunch of cash, but not quite as much...

Beware that a weak fuel pump causing you trouble now can deteriorate and be the kind of thing that just quits while driving one day. Not to be an alarmist, just be forewarned. Thanks for doubling back and letting us know.