Hard Start Issue on 1998 Ford Escort

Ford escort 1998, with variable fuel pump controlled by cpu. Requres 3 or 4 turns to get the car started. Once it is going there are no issues. Have changed and serviced plugs, air filter , wires regularly. No error codes from check engine light. Here is what I have done 1)Changed fuel filter...no difference 2)Measured fuel pressure. Ok when running 30psi vs a spec of 25 to 35. Fuel pressure falls to 0 almost as soon as engine turned off. 3)Figured it might be a leaky injector..changed all 4. $200 later...pressure falls to 0 as soon as pump turned off. 4)followed lines from fuel tank..no leaking gas anywhere. Any ideas?

by in Trenton, NJ on August 07, 2010
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ANSWER by on August 07, 2010
fuel pump check valve bad. replace pump. needs residual pressure to set up for next start, Roy
COMMENT by on August 08, 2010
Thanks for the quick answer. It makes perfect sense. I think I misdiagnosed because someone told me GM's have a check valve and Fords do not. The new fuel pump is $160 with tax. Do you think it would work if I cut the fuel line close to the tank and added an external check valve in the line (they run about $30)?
COMMENT by on September 27, 2014
I am having same issue and have a new pump is the ck valve in the pump or in the line
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