Hard Start Issue on 1998 Ford Escort

Ford escort 1998, with variable fuel pump controlled by cpu. Requres 3 or 4 turns to get the car started. Once it is going there are no issues. Have changed and serviced plugs, air filter , wires regularly. No error codes from check engine light.
Here is what I have done
1)Changed fuel filter...no difference

2)Measured fuel pressure. Ok when running 30psi vs a spec of 25 to 35. Fuel pressure falls to 0 almost as soon as engine turned off.

3)Figured it might be a leaky injector..changed all 4. $200 later...pressure falls to 0 as soon as pump turned off.

4)followed lines from fuel tank..no leaking gas anywhere.

Any ideas?

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fuel pump check valve bad. replace pump. needs residual pressure to set up for next start,

Thanks for the quick answer. It makes perfect sense. I think I misdiagnosed because someone told me GM's have a check valve and Fords do not.
The new fuel pump is $160 with tax. Do you think it would work if I cut the fuel line close to the tank and added an external check valve in the line (they run about $30)?
I am having same issue and have a new pump is the ck valve in the pump or in the line