Volvo V40 Problem Report

Volvo V40 "Hard start" Due to Leaking Fuel Pressure Regulator

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The fuel pressure regulator can leak and cause a hard start condition, without any faults recorded in the engine computer.

After the car sat for a while there would be a gas smell, much like a flooded carb. Then it would be hard to start. The Volvo tech was going to do a factory fix then checked the o-ring off the pressure regulator. It was pinched. He replaced the o-ring and I have not had this problem since. Car now has 113,000 mile on it. -
I started to have a a small leak and I am trying to trace the source of the leak. (The leak appears to be form the front of the car) Also, I have had trouble starting the car lately. The weather temperature has become cold recently... I don't know it this contributes to the issue? -
My car is having a hard time starting. It starts every time after 7 or 8 cranks. If I have it off for short period it starts right up. I replaced tps. That didn't work. I did plugs too. I have no check engine light on and I just ordered a fuel pressure regulator but have not installed. I hope this works. -
car hestkitates to start. -
starts hard, -
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