Hard shift when cold on 1991 Subaru Loyale

I am looking at a 91 Subaru Loyale for an entry level car for my daughter. The transmission shifts hard when in is cold but smoothes out some after 5 or 10 minutes. The owner claims that changing the transmission filter will rectify the problem. Does that sound correct and how hard is the filter to change?

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I don't believe the filter replacement will have anything to do with the hard shifting.The shifting is more related to internal line pressures and other factors. Shifting hard is better than shifting soft- soft equals slip!! It may have the incorrct fluid installed that could cause this issue but either way I would offer to have the transmission serviced to see if that corrects the concern BEFORE the sale- if it fixes it great- if not your not out much!! We do a lot of Subaru service and repair- if you have any other questions on that car we will be back in on Monday- feel free to call me at 253-833-8161
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Repairs to automatic transmissions can be expensive. It doesnt seem that the filter would be the issue but if it was why wouldnt the owner have the repair performed to make the sale for them easier. If you wish to chance the purchase you could have the transmission fluid exchanged by a facility that has the proper equiptment to completely do this service.
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