Hard code p1381 on 1996 Honda Accord

This is a ex model. I have a code p1381 (cyl pos sensor). I have replaced the distributor,ECU and the alternator. I have checked the cable harness from distrib to the ECU and it test fine. The plugs and wires are new as well. The car will almost start then die, it will do this twice and then start fine on the 3rd try every time. I also checked the timing and everything is on time.the car seems to run fine when it starts and this is the only code.

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What is the best way to check the ground on those components? This is the second distributor, the dealer did a warranty on the first. The car acted the same with both do you think there still might be an issue with that?
ck for continuity with ohm meter and ck all eng grds and pcm grd circuits
I will check that. Thanks.
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Check wires to crankshaft position sensor. - CKP & TDC sensor at T-belt end of crank.
Will those sensors set the same code?
no but they are related and can 'falsely' set the other code due to each seeing incorrect values in relation to the other. Honda has a service news article I found on it , that's why I thought it would be worth checking.
did you ever fix this? we have a 97 ex accord, identical symptoms--starts/stalls twice, stays running on third try, every time. hard code= p1381 has had new dist, no change. everything checks good at the ecu. thanks
No reply yet as to whether or not he changed the CKP/TDC (crank sensor) and what effect that had. And seemingly unrelated to that code also but related somewhat to the start-up issue....have either of these cars had a fuel pressure guage sat on them for an hour or so to see how much pressure drop there is? just curious.
I havent changed them yet. I will change them and follow up.
Hi....The repair to our 97 Accord EX was to replace the ECU. We put in a used ECU off Ebay, totally fixed all problems.