happened at the same time on 2004 Honda Civic

Pulling out from a stop sign, pulled out normally, then suddenly my honda jerked couple times. Trying to keep up with traffic, I tried to accelerate, but my car stalled for couple second then gain speed really slowly. Looked at my gauges and the water and rpm gauges fall flat, and the green light next to the D gear wasn't there. Pulled over, looked at my gauges no changes, put it park, and the light next to N, R, and P goes on. Shifting into the gears felt not so smooth, turned off the car to check under the hood, tried to start my honda and it wouldn't turn over........I DON'T KNOW WHAT TO DO PLLLLLLLEEEEEEASE HELP

by in Hilo, HI on March 23, 2013
2 answers
ANSWER by on March 23, 2013
get fuel pressure check. could be fuel pump. get diagnostic run to see if any other issues you should be aware of. knowing is half the battle.
ANSWER by on March 24, 2013
Has battery been CHARGED and tested? Low voltage from failed battery or alternator will cause the symptoms described.
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