Had to change the ECM in my 1997 Town and Country to fix a batt. temp fail. on 1997 Chrysler Town & Country

Afterward the speedometer and tachometer would not work. Tried the trip odometer reset trick, never saw it go into self test. Do the engine and wheel speed sensors send signals to the ECM? I also had to manipulate the relay box to R2 the ECM. Is it possible I've screwed something up there? This thing is driving me nuts.

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where did you get ecm and does that part need to be reflashed to your vehicle. this year could or could not so ck with the dealer or parts source
Thanks. The ECM was flashed and programmed to the VIN. I saw a post online saying the Speedometer and Tach need to be calibrated to the new ECM. I also got the instrument cluster diagnostic to work and it gave me a 940 code. The cluster isn't talking to the ECM. I was undr the impression that this year model "learned the car" as you drove but I'm thinking now that's not the case.
if you know someone with a scanner they might be able to do that for u
Thanks, I know a mechanic here. I'll ask him
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