Had the front struts replaced. Grinding noise when going over speed bumps. on 1999 Volvo S70

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now what? The back shocks are being replaced next, could that have anything to do with the noise, appears it is coming from under front fender well. I have nothing to jack up the car to look for myself.
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I would ask the people that fitted the front shocks and ask them is there any possibility the noise you hear is related to the previous shock replacements. Be nice not "blaming them", ask them to go for a drive with you and point out the noise to them.
Will do! Thanks for your input!
The noise became worse, the Shop did replace the front struts. Found a decent person to be honest with maintenance and repairs. Inner and outer tie rod ends are being replaced, control arm front left, using the greasable parts versus the factory sealed ones. Vivian still has almost all her original parts. The heater core leaked thus explaining why I had to replac the carpet, back shocks, front rotors and brakes, timing belt, serpentine belt, water pump, fluids flushed and changed, and the valve cover gasket replaced... I am told the compression in the engine is excellent and everything else looks good... New tires and an alignment and we are good to go. I have learned way too much about vehicles.